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October 4, 2013

Manitex to Introduce New Cab Manitex is introducing a sleek, new cab for its boom truck line. The cab features curved glass for better visibility, a 0 to 20-degree cab tilt, a mini-van style automotive door and sliding windows on both sides of the cab. The new Manitex cab features a heated cloth seat with eight seat adjustments, lumbar support and an adjustable head rest. It features a standard diesel-fired heater, a retractable sun screen and a rear, pop-out window. The cab was designed with a 12-volt DC outlet for cell phone chargers and features a cup holder. New elements in the cab are a new electrical system, a new LMI system and a new hydraulic system. The electrical system features a PLC crane controller, CANBUS communication, J1939 truck engine communication compatibility and a new hand throttle in addition to the standard foot throttle. The new LMI system features the Hirschmann/PAT iScout D3 system which includes a bright, 7-inch color display, two video camera inputs and screens for LMI, video cameras and an electronic level hour meter. The new hydraulic system was redesigned for greater efficiency and relocated to the turret to allow for a more quiet cab. Options on the new cab include an air-conditioner, work lights and a heavy duty stereo radio with weather band.

May 21, 2013

Looking Back at the Industry by Laura Hatton The Kran und Baumaschinenmuseum, in Rattelsdorf, Germany, is a museum with a difference. It displays a mixture of historical cranes, excavators, bulldozers and trucks. In addition to these machines, hydraulic and cable excavators are also on show, alongside a unique collection of wheeled loaders, scrapers, mixers and road rollers. Among the collection, which numbers around 160 units, is a rare series of tower cranes dating from 1912 to 1972. There are 25 of them at the museum, of which 13 have been renovated and many have been re-erected. The earliest one is the 1912 Kaiser TK B.. The museum was founded in 1994, after the AG Kran und Baumaschinenmuseum society acquired a selection of old construction machines. In 1996 further equipment was donated to the museum for display. The aim of the Kran und Baumaschinen museum is to illustrate the continuous development of equipment throughout the crane and construction industry. To date, the collection shows how technology has progressed over the years and most of the machines on show represent some of the most important stages in technology. One of the many highlights is a Liebherr TK6 tower crane, one of the first built by Liebherr. The TK6 was designed after World War II, by construction company entrepreneur Hans Liebherr from Kirchdorf in Swabia (Southern Germany). Liebherr had identified the need for tower cranes to meet the post war challenges of reconstruction and so set about designing a crane that could be moved between sites with ease. One main factor of his design was that the crane had to be easy to dismantle and erect. Hans Liebherr committed his idea to paper and in 1949 he displayed his first tower crane, a type TK10. From early 1950 onwards, the first orders of Liebherr tower cranes were made. Using the experience gained by the TK10, Hans Liebherr continued to develop further crane types and went on to design a series of tower cranes. These types were the TK6, TK14 and TK3.6. In 1951, the TK6 was developed into the TK8. Unfortunately, there are no TK10s left in the world, comments Dirk Moeller, museum chairman, and only two of the first Liebherr tower cranes have survived: a TK6 from 1950 and a TK8 from 1951. The TK6, which took 13 years to acquire, arrived at the museum in August 2012 and is awaiting restoration. It accompanies the other Liebherr developments in the crane sector already on display. Building Alongside the number of different machines from other industry sectors, the museum is looking to introduce an exhibition hall into the museum to display a range of historical construction tools and handmade models. It is also hoped that some of the older machines will eventually be housed inside to prolong their life. Members of the museum’s support group, the AG Kran und Baumaschinen Museum Society (AG-KBM), aim to co-ordinate future initiatives for the museum. So far they have been involved in a number of attempts to obtain various machines that have an interesting historical aspect. They also plan to expand the technical support and maintenance of the museum. It will include carrying out functional tests, maintenance, co-ordination of reconstructive work, and the dismantling or erection of new display stock. The AG-KBM will also be involved in discovering the historical importance of the subjects and helping to keep a stock of spare parts to help with maintenance of the existing displays. Funding for parts of the museum comes from private members of the support society. The museum is open to companies, universities, technical colleges, other educational facilities, technical museums and any other interested individuals.

September 13, 2010

Making Art Out of Bicylces / Treehugger by Bonnie Alter Mark Grieve is a California sculptor who specializes in bicycle arts. He seems to delight in creating mountains, and obelisks and sculptures out of old bicycles. Using a truck crane. This obelisk, called Cyclisk, is located on a road full of car dealerships and is quite a comment on modes of transportation. It is made out of 340 bicycles, and one tricycle and is 65 feet tall. The $37,000 piece was built with funds from Nissan, which is building a car dealership in the city of Santa Rosa. Municipal laws say that 1% of the cost of major construction projects be devoted to public art so Santa Rosa got a 10,000 lb. obelisk, as well as a huge new car salesroom.... Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector collected the hundreds of bicycles from community donations; most were unusable and abandoned, not stolen, we hope. He calls it "an intersection of ideas, so it can keep growing with the community." According to his partner in this project, Ilana Spector, "Collecting unusable parts from the debris piles of nonprofit community bike projects has proven to be a win-win; community bike DIY places are thrilled unusable parts are not becoming land fill and the City is psyched the sculpture will solidify Santa Rosa as bike-friendly." One obelisk doesn't make a city bike- friendly but hopefully it will raise awareness.


Houston Boom Truck  Houstonís #1 Boom Truck Dealer

January 29, 2014 Houston, Texas

Houston Boom Truck Launches New Company Website Houston Boom Truck announced today the first of three staged rollouts for the Boom Truck dealership’s new online campaigns Houston Boom Truck Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of a new company website for the growing Crane Oil and Gas Markets in Texas. Houston Boom Truck is an award-winning Crane and Boom Truck dealership that is strategically located in Houston, Texas the oil and gas capital of the world. This year, Houston Boom Truck will celebrate its 12th anniversary in business. The new Houston Boom Truck website, which went live this week, replaces the old site with a fresh, new streamlined look and a more user-friendly functionality. Built by a Houston based SEO company, the new site is designed to be attractive, easy to use and to place well with the search engines. Including the homepage, the site has several pages of useful information about the company and industry it serves, including Pricing & Rental Reservations, Crane News, Crane Service, Crane Parts, Crane Sales, Boom Truck Sales Packages and a Contact page. Site visitors can readily access all the information they need to know about the dealership and can even book a crane rental online. “We are quite pleased with the way the new website has turned out. The extensive use of beautiful photographic images of our cranes and boom trucks allows site visitors to get a true impression of what Houston Boom Truck actually looks like and a greater understanding of what our capabilities are. The site’s striking color photography and layout is complemented by a background of soft tones, combined with its simple, uncluttered look, perfectly reflects the people and capabilities of our Houston location. It’s a good-looking website and very easy to maneuver. Site visitors can quickly access all the information that they need. I believe it represents our resort well and will be a very effective communication and marketing tool for us going forward,” explains Bryan Boyd Q.C Manager. About Houston Boom Truck Ltd: Located in Houston, Texas HBT is the Oil and Gas Crane leader. HBT specializes in highly custom cranes for the O and G sector. Customized options include BOP Pressure Test Pumps built on the truck. Hydraulic torque wrenches and high horsepower power plants. Read Full Release Here